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Media spider use only the best and most advanced SEO techniques, making sure your site can reach and retain top placements in search engines. As part of our work we establish your site’s authority and online popularity. With all of our experience we leave nothing to chance and have a consistency about our approach which rewards clients with the highest of rankings on search engines.

Our SEO Services:


The starting point for all SEO Campaigns is clearly defining your target keywords. Awareness of what users and potential customers want, and what they are looking for is key to Campaign planning.

At Media Spider we believe that keyword planning is crucial. We adopt several different keyword/campaign planning techniques, using a variety of different tools tailored to the campaign and client’s needs.


Making sure keyword research synchronises with the on-page optimisation is very important to ranking well. By methodically analysing our clients’ websites we make sure that both the visible and the non-visible content is properly targeted towards appropriate keywords. We further ensure that content still fits with the core message of the site, doesn’t distract, and fits in with standard online practice.


The vast majority of websites with whom we work, are technically sound, and it is very rare for a modern site to be built without having thought of natural search/SEO.

Our technical experts can take a brief look at your site to ensure that your site is optimally structured. A well-structured and sensibly arranged site improves rankings too, and also improves the user’s experience.


You may already know that on-page optimisation and on-site SEO will only get you so far, and you would be right! In these fiercely competitive times, using experts who know SEO through and through—is the difference between success and failure.

We utilise a range of linking strategies for our clients, all tailored to their needs Some of these strategies involve a targeted reference from a highly authoritative site, while others involve creative link building, link earning and the effective use of Social Media, tailored for SEO.