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Multiply your message and your connections. Multiply your leads and multiply your sales. Business has always been based on building solid and stable relationships. Online it is those that build quality networks with influential people that get the largest platform to speak from. Via our outreach campaigns we create opportunities. It's just that simple.

Our Outreach Services:


Blogger outreach is used to build relations with bloggers with the most common aim of achieving links, traffic, referrals and targeted advertising. Our approach is both natural and sociable. We treat bloggers well, as people, not as an opportunity. Specialising in tailoring our approach effectively means the bloggers feel good about working with us. This translates into results. Whether you want SEO benefits or to build a buzz about your product, service, event and/or brand we offer the best in blogger outreach, at affordable rates.


Twitter outreach is a craft. Finding a way to engage with complete strangers is not easy. We steer clear of spammy techniques. No copy and paste here. Like all of our services, Media Spider focus on value. Connections are prized and as such we value doing the best job possible. Our method is based on non-interruptive, non-spammy, natural, in line with the tone of the brand, 'conversations', over Twitter. We have found that this dramatically increases engagement with brands and has the positive impact of boosting retweets, brand mentions and traffic/leads to the site/s of the organisation.


Email Outreach and sales work on many different levels depending on the goals of your Campaign or organisation. Whether it be a B2B campaign, a B2C email campaign or an email research campaign- email is a great way to get your message out widely and quickly. Your goals might be to create connections with influencers online or to get in touch with investors, or even growing into a totally new market. Email Outreach is a fantastic way of doing this. We help organisations create campaigns which add value. Anti-spam email outreach. We often get thanked by the recipients of the email. Although we do large scale Campaigns too, our emails are tailored, and the recipients appreciate the effort we go to. Our value driven approach, rather than the hard sell approach, increases metrics like open rate, reply rate, lead generated and sale percentages dramatically. The recipients is happy, the client is happy and, we are happy doing what we love doing, building connections.


Growing your brand via popular photo sharing platforms is a great way to reach thousands of new customers. If you want more traffic, more followers or more likes to your images, ads and photos then using outreach to connect with customers is a great way of doing so. We build value by growing your brand's audience, converting passive audience members into advocates. These ' brand advocates' then share your photographic (it could also be Advertising)content, further propelling your brand's message.


By using sites like YouTube and Vimeo, we drive traffic to your video adverts or direct to your website via our video outreach campaigns. We, create a buzz around your Brand and increase your subscribers and views in our uniquely creative manner.


Commenting on users content with unique, relevant and interesting comments, is a style of outreach we use in generating good relationships online with creators and producers. Done in the right way, this is an effective and excellent tool in digital marketing, adding value to any digital campaign.


Essential for multiplying the clout of your message is reaching out to online influencers, building mutually beneficial relationships and building your Brand online. Used by the likes of Tesco, Microsoft and many other large organisations, influencer outreach is one of the best ways to get a great return on digital advertising. It is, after all, incredible getting a personal tweet or blog article from an influential person, with 100,000+ followers/fans, promoting your Brand.

Building connections online is all about piggy-backing on influential users. Our unique approach has meant we have engaged with power (highly influential, large followings) users across many different industries. We are perfectly placed to help your organisation to connect and grow.


Industry Specific Outreach is about developing industry ,or related industry relationships, connecting with key people and brands, cross-selling, partnering and cross-marketing. Industry specific outreach is also used to gather feedback from a different perspective and can be done across several platforms including Social Media, Video sites, Blogs, Forums, Social Events sites (like Meetup) etc.


Media Spider works across Social Media, Email Marketing, and offline (telemarketing, B2C and creative marketing) to generate high quality leads. Our processes are always strategic and logical and fit in with your organisation's overall objectives. We record all information and are processes are 100% transparent. Our Campaigns are both tailored and scaleable, thus work at any level, for any organisation.