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In an increasingly competitive environment, the things you say / do are a reflection of you and your brand. If your content is not relevant to your audience it will misrepresent your brand and ultimately put people off. Marketing used to be concerned with finding new customers; now it is focused on helping your customers find you, interact with your content e.g., articles, tweets, videos, photos, and share it. The key to success is having useful and relevant quality content. Importantly, this content has to be frequent, findable, of consistent quality and shareable.

Our Digital Content Services:


Quality Facebook copy spreads your message wider and faster than many other types of media and advertising. With over 1 Billion users globally, Facebook is growing in importance by the day. Can you afford not to be promoting your organisation on Facebook? Not to be using it optimally? Great Facebook Campaigns are the key,to not only surviving ,but thriving in the digital universe.


Twitter is growing phenomenally quickly and is used by every social economic demographic group. Media Spider are experts at planning, creating compelling content, implementation, and ultimately helping your organisation go further via utilising Twitter effectively.


Most organisations need a blog. A blog provides the outside world with a window into your organisation. A blog also provides incredible SEO benefits, Social Media benefits, not to mention keeping your customers, potential customers and workforce in the know. A blog can and should inspire, inform and entertain. Media Spider are experienced blog copy writers, we write compelling search engine friendly content across a wide range of industries, and can even write blog content in multiple languages. For our blog, click here.


With the meteoric growth in social photography apps like Instagram, which was bought by Facebook in 2012 and Flickr, bought by Yahoo, many organisations can leverage their brands via social-photos (or the wider scale version viral-photos) and piggyback onto the growth of these trends to gain a new audience or interact with current customers and gain new leads/sales.


With the growth in Social Videography apps like Vine (owned by Twitter) and Viddy, we believe that 2013-2014 will see a massive growth in Social Videos and Ad-Content for Videos.

When user numbers rise, brands will also see the benefit of increased traffic/brand awareness and new customers via Social Video Apps. Why not be ahead of the trend? Media Spide offer Social Video content including: 2d and 3d animations, viral 6-30 second videos, event videos, Ad Content Videos, Slow motion videos and many more types of video specifically for these upcoming apps.


We know Email Marketing has a poor reputation, but Email Marketing is not about sending out spammy emails. Here at Media Spider all our services are anti-spam and pro-value. We believe in providing value and our Email Campaigns are designed to make the recipient feel good about receiving the email.

Many organisations underutilise Email Marketing as a tool, which we think is a missed opportunity. Our unique Email Marketing processes have been proven to provide leads, traffic, sign ups for all sorts of organisations. We run the campaign, you get the results, simple.


We are very experienced in producing top quality Video Campaigns. We pride ourselves on producing great Videos. We have the team in place, the passion, and the experience necessary to get the best results for your Video Campaign. To see our videos click here.