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About The Client:

WMG | Design Studio is an Architectural and Web-Design practice based in London.


Services Provided:

Online Advertising

The Problem:

In late 2011 WMG decided they were ready to invest to expand their client base and increase sales.

The Solution:

MediaSpider planned an online strategy that included PPC (pay per click) and other online advertising strategies to reach their goals. MediaSpider also did some email outreach and list building, targeting the architecture sectors, web designers and start -ups.

The Outcome:

WMG generated significant returns on their online advertising campaigns, with a return of over ten times their investment. It also helped to expand both their client base and services offered, in particular facilitating WMG's progression into Branding. The outreach services have significantly helped them to increase architectural, design and branding sales.

WMG Studio
WMG Studio