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About The Client:

Limmud is a faith-based charity that runs events all across the world. These events provide an eclectic mix of sessions including panel discussions, lectures, demonstrations and performances, gigs, how to workshops, sports, text study and a whole lot more. Originally formed in the UK Limmud's biggest annual event hosts over 2500 people, from all over the country and indeed, the world.


Services Provided:

Social Media


Online Advertising

Problem 1:

Limmud's main event ( Limmud Conference) attracts thousands of participants from all over the world. However, despite this, Limmud had not professionally filmed much in the past and could not create a trailer to help promote their event using past footage. Because many more participants were booking online, many prospective participants expected to be able to see footage of events before attending, especially those who had not previously attended.

The Solution:

Media Spider filmed the event over a number of days, creating an exciting and varied trailer that covers many aspects of the Limmud Conference.

Problem 2:

Limmud’s Summer Event in 2012 was projected to struggle in terms of attendance figures due to competition from the London 2012 Olympics and many other festivals, Projected figures needed a major boost. Another issue was that Limmud needed a sustainable way to promote events over the long term, as previous efforts were considered too costly.

The Solution:

When marketing the event, we focused on cost-effective Digital methods , Media Spider utilised Social Media as the best platform ,enhanced the Facebook page, created various Facebook advertising campaigns, and created a dedicated multi-person Twitter campaign. In addition, as a long- term solution, MediaSpider produced a promotional trailer.

The Outcome:

The video of Conference 2011 is a visual platform that introduces people to what Conference is all about. Via our online/social media campaign we boosted social reach from under 500, to over 18,000 and increased likes on Facebook from from under 100 to 300+ (for the Fest event page). Participation in the target event was up 10% on projections. We also spent 75% less than in previous years ,due to cost savings on digital marketing versus print marketing).

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