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About The Client:

Birmingham Law Centre is an independent, not-for-profit, solicitor-led legal advice agency. They have specialist contracts from the Legal Services Commission (LSC) to provide legal advice in the areas of debt, welfare benefits and housing. They receive some voluntary income .They also carry out casework in community care and employment.


Services Provided:

Social Media

The Problem:

Birmingham Law Centre needed to diversify their income base and increase awareness of their organisation. MediaSpider were assigned to help with their social media efforts as well as to produce a promotional video.

The Solution:

Having been chosen for the Law Society’s Charity of the year, The Birmingham Law Centre needed a high quality video and help with social media. Some filming has been carried out. The other service we are doing for BLC is connecting them with influencers online ,for their campaigns.. We are doing social media and blogger outreach, list creation and twitter outreach.

The Outcome:

We have helped them to build their brand and to have a more prominent presence on line.. They are currently in the process of restructuring the Charity, and we hope to resume working with them shortly.

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