About Us

Media Spider is comprised of a small team of experts in SEO, Social Media, content production and lead generation. As SEO ninjas, we boost your rankings on search engines like Google and Bing. With our expertise in Social Media we keep your audience informed, create a buzz around your brand and help grow your customer base.

Media Spider specialises in producing top quality content in various forms. We are also highly experienced at research, traffic and lead generation and would be interested in hearing from you regarding helping your organisation grow. So stop by, and say hello...

Our Team:




Jake is highly experienced in SEO and both Digital and offline Marketing. Jake studied Film and TV Production and currently heads up the Media Spider team.



Social Media Expert

Lee is head of social media campaigns and strategy, offering advice on all things Social. Having managed campaigns for several FTSE 100 companies, he has a wealth of experience.

Social Media



Dan is the design and techy in the team. His knowledge and experience means he gets stuck into design, web sites, coding and technical SEO.

Social Media


Content Creation Manager

Sarah manages and creates digital content. Being an active blogger and twitter user, she is well connected online and assists in online community management, database creation and outreach campaigns.